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WHAT IS Eco-museum?


WHAT IS Eco-museum?


Eco-museum is a network of objects that describe the surrounding of the region, its culture and way of living of its inhabitants. With the help of the Eco-museum, the unique character of the region is presented based on the heritage of the natural environment and human activities for a lot of years.


Etymologically the term Eco-museum comes from two Greek words "oikos" which means "house" in a symbolic sense, “environment”, and corresponding to today's concept "homeland" and "museion", which means a collection of different things (objects of science, history and culture of civilization). Giving a combined set of tangible and intangible assets related to the region and the way of life of particular groups of people, Eco-museum describes "little homeland."


The definition of Eco-museum by the International Council of Museums - ICOM:

 Eco-museum is an institution that manages, explores and uses scientific, educational and cultural methods to show whole heritage of a specific community, taking into account environmental and cultural background. In this way, the Eco-museum describes social involvement in the planning and development of the region. For this purpose, Eco-museum uses all available methods to give the opportunity to understand, criticize and resolve - in a liberal and responsible - the problems that a specific region faces. Basically, Eco-museum uses the language of everyday reality in order to improve the life of the region.